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My PSR-8000 Registrations

Thursday, 04 November 2004
A description of the registrations or songs which I like to play live with my PSR-8000.

PSR-8000 Registration Archive Heiko Plate

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Filename Style Tempo Left R1 R2 Lead
A Felicidade BossaNova 1 150 Strings Folk Guitar Piccolo Trombone
A Fine Romance Foxtrot 3 184 Hah Choir Grand Piano Funk EP Modern Harp
A Foggy Day Cool Jazz 128 Grand Piano Sweet Clari Folk Guitar Grand Piano
A Kiss To Build A Dream On 6/8 Blues 2 103 Mellow Draw Jazz Organ2 Air Choir Blues Harp
A Night In Tunes Cool Jazz 128 Grand Piano Sweet Clari Folk Guitar Grand Piano
A Shadow Of Your Smile BossaNova 2 114 Funk EP Classic Gtr Modern Harp Funk EP
Agnus Dei BluesShffle 130 Strings Strings Pipe Organ Sweet Trump
Ain't Misbehavin BBandSwing3 104 Stage EP Sweet Clari Trb.Section SoloTrumpet
Ain't She Sweet C.Shuffle1 130 Sax Section Harmonica Jazz Guitar Grand Piano
Al Bundy Bluegrass 1 142 Vocal Ensbl Tenor Sax Jazz Guitar Sweet Flute
All My Loving Swing 1 152 Sweet Tenor Trb.Section Fiddle Grand Piano
All My Tomorrows BBandSwing2 082 Funk EP BrasSection Modern Harp Funk EP
All of me BluesShffle 130 Vintage EP Trombone BreathTenor Sweet Trump
All Or Nothing At All 6/8 Blues 2 081 Strings Strings Classic Gtr Pan Flute
All The Things You Are Slow Rock 3 070 Strings Strings Sweet Tenor Sweet Trump
Alley Cat Shuffle 151 Trb.Section SoloTrumpet Trombone TheatreOrg2
Am I Blue Swing 2 152 Bandoneon Sweet Trump Tenor Sax Venus EP
Amazing Grace Cntry Waltz 075 Hah Choir Blues Harp Strings Soprano Sax
And I Love Her Samba Rio 108 Strings Musette Folk Guitar Flute
Anos Dourados 6/8 Ballad 092 12StrGuitar Sweet Tenor Spanish Gtr Sweet Trump
As Time Goes By 6/8 Blues 2 073 Hah Choir Sweet Tenor Piccolo Blues Harp
Autumn Leaves SwingBallad 082 Strings Strings Sweet Tenor Sweet Trump
Barpianist Slowfox 108 Strings Grand Piano SoloTrumpet Modern Harp
Begin The Beguine Beguine 1 120 Insomnia Strings Spanish Gtr Soprano Sax
Bei mir bist Du schoen C.Swing1 150 Clockwork BrightPiano Solo Tromb Wah Clavi
Besame Mucho Rhumba 2 112 Vocal Ensbl Sweet Trump Folk Guitar BreathTenor
Bill Bailey Foxtrot 4 152 Hah Choir Jazz Organ2 Sweet Tenor PedalSteel
Blowing In The Wind Epic Ballad 082 Vox Humana Pipe Organ Strings Small Accrd
Blue Bossa BossaNova 2 198 Hah Choir Blues Harp Strings Soprano Sax
Blue Moon Slowfox 108 Air Choir Harp Small Accrd BaritoneSax
Blue Velvet 6/8 Blues 2 103 Mellow Draw Jazz Organ2 Air Choir Blues Harp
Blueberry Hill Country 2/4 106 12StrGuitar PedalSteel Sweet Tenor SoloTrumpet
Bluegirl SwingWaltz1 160 Strings Grand Pno Blues Harp Hah Choir
Blueset Jazz Waltz 160 Strings Strings Flute Sweet Trump
But Beautiful Foxtrot 3 090 Hah Choir Grand Piano Funk EP Jazz Organ2
But Not For Me Foxtrot 4 120 Strings Sweet Flute Celesta Uuh Choir
Bye Bye Blackbird Swing 2 152 Trb.Section Trb.Section Glocken Trombone
Bye Bye Blues Quickstep 200 Jazz Organ 1 Sax Section Jazz Guitar Jazz Vibes
Bye Bye Love SwingBallad 097 Strings Growl Sax Strings Sweet Tenor
C'est si bon BluesShffle 130 Uuh Choir Grand Piano Rock Bari Sweet Trump
Cabaret Swing 2 152 Hah Choir Jazz Organ2 Sweet Tenor Harpsichord
Can't Help Falling In Love Slow Rock 2 070 Strings Strings Sweet Tenor Sweet Trump
Can't Help Lovin‘ Dat Man Gtr Ballad 111 Grand Piano Soprano Sax Hah Choir Sweet Trump
Can't Take That Away From Me BBandSwing3 104 Uuh Choir Sweet Clari Wah Clavi Grand Piano
Caravan BBandSwing3 104 Alto Sax Grand Piano Sweet Clari Sweet Trump
Carnival Jazz Samba 110 SS Str Mandolin VelGtHrm Flute
Cavatina Engl.Waltz2 100 Strings Grand Pno Blues Harp 60‘s Organ
Chanson D Amour Swing 2 120 Funk EP Sweet Tenor EthnicFlute Hah Choir
Charmaine Engl.Waltz1 090 Jazz Organ2 Sweet Tenor Jazz Guitar Violin
Chattanooga Choo Choo Swing 2 136 Strings Sax Section Accordion Sweet Clari
Cherokee More Bossa 158 Strings Trb.Section SoloTrumpet Jazz Guitar
Close To You BBandSwing1 083 Strings Grand Piano Sax Section Hah Choir
Count On The Blues Swing 2 141 Trb.Section Solo Tromb Grand Piano SoloTrumpet
Danny Boy 6/8 Blues 2 088 Strings Strings Folk Guitar Pan Flute
Das gibt es nur in Texas Bluegrass 2 120 Trb.Section Trombone Folk Guitar Sweet Trump
Desafinado BBandSwing2 158 Strings Tenor Sax Soft Violin Classic Gtr
Dinah BossaNova 1 150 ConcertoStr Sax Section Sweet Clari Spanish Gtr
Don't cry me for Argentina Modern 6/8 076 Strings Folk Guitar Strings Sweet Tenor
Don't Get Around Much Anymore Foxtrot 2 146 Modern EP Trombone Sax Section Sweet Clari
Dr. Schiwago Bluegrass 2 120 Choir Mandolin Trombone Solo Violin
Dream A Little Dream Of Me BBandSwing1 083 Strings Grand Piano Sax Section 60‘s Organ
East Of The Sun Pop Bossa 1 126 Hah Choir Sweet Tenor Spanish Gtr Grand Piano
Ebb Tide BluesBallad 062 Strings Trombone Piccolo Jazz Guitar
Edelweiss SwingWaltz1 110 12StrGuitar Cello EthnicFlute Hah Choir
El Cumbanchero Tejano 130 Sax Section Trumpet Ens Trombone Sweet Trump
Embraceable You BBandSwing3 104 Strings Strings Sweet Tenor Trombone
Endless Love CntryBallad 072 New Tines Voices Bandoneon Hi Bias
Fascinating Rhythm Bebop 140 Funk EP BrasSection Sax Section 60's Clean
Fascination Engl.Waltz2 090 Strings Trb.Section Solo Violin Sweet Clari
Fast Girl BBandSwing1 118 Sax Section Grand Piano Sweet Tenor SoloTrumpet
Feelings BossaNova 2 158 Strings Spanish Gtr Strings Marimba
Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue Dixieland 2 196 Trb.Section JazzTrumpet Muted Trump Sweet Clari
Flamingo BBandSwing3 104 Strings Sax Section Flute SoloTrumpet
Flip Flop Fly Swing 2 152 Funk EP Shakuhachi Piccolo Jazz Vibes
Fly Me To The Moon Swing 2 158 Funk EP Trb.Section Brass Combo Trombone
For Heavens Sake 6/8 Ballad 068 Strings Stardust Piccolo Sweet Trump
Georgia On My Mind 6/8 Blues 2 068 Strings Hah Choir Piccolo Trombone
Gipsy Gypsy Swing 232 Strings Mandolin Spanish Gtr Air Trumpet
Girl of Ipanema 6/8 Ballad 150 Strings Spanish Gtr Jazz Guitar Viola
Hallelujah Swing 2 152 Comp. Organ Trombone Uuh Choir Sweet Trump
Hallo kleines Fräulein Foxtrot 4 192 Comp. Organ Sweet Trump Voices Musette
Harlem Nocturne Slow Ballad 068 Strings Sweet Clari Folk Guitar Grand Piano
Have You Met Miss Jones Swing 2 138 Strings Hah Choir Sweet Tenor Trombone
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 6/8 Ballad 068 Pipe Organ Cello Strings Modern Harp
Heart Of My Hear Swing 2 155 Sax Section Sweet Trump Sweet Tenor Trombone
Heimat, Deine Sterne Slowfox 108 Strings Trb.Section Air Choir Sweet Flute
Heimweh nach Dir C.Swing1 120 Strings HawaiianGtr Grand Piano Sweet Tenor
Hello Dolly Ragtime 106 Sax Section SoloTrumpet HonkyTonk Banjo
Honeysuckle Rose Two Step 124 Uuh Choir Funk Guitar Modern Harp BrightPiano
How High The Moon Cool Jazz 128 Soprano Sax Jazz Gtr BrightPiano Sweet Trump
Humoreske Slowfox 108 Strings Sax Section Solo Tromb Grand Piano
I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing BBandSwing3 176 RotaryDrive Sax Section Jazz Vibes Sweet Trump
I Know Him So Well Slow Ballad 068 Strings Strings Click Organ Tenor Sax
I Left My Heart Swing 2 122 Vox Humana Wah Guitar Sax Section Trombone
I'll Never Fall In Love Again BluesShffle 130 ResoStr BrasSection Grand Pno Pungi
I'll Never Smile Again 6/8 Ballad 087 Strings OrchStrings Sweet Flute Solo Tromb
I'm beginning to see the light Trance 2 120 Sax Sect Dark Moon Bass&Cymbal Sax Sect
I'm Confessin Swing 2 152 Grand Piano Jazz Guitar Funk EP Soft Tromb
I'm Gettin Sentimental Over You 6/8 Blues 2 078 Hah Choir EthnicFlute SoloTrumpet Strings
I'm In The Mood For Love SwingBallad 082 Vox Humana Sweet Clari Sweet Tenor Sweet Trump
I've Got The World On A String SwingBallad 092 Choir Vibraphone MelClarinet Grand Piano
Ich hab getanzt heut Nacht Foxtrot 3 184 Grand Piano Trumpet Ens Blues Harp Grand Piano
Ich habe keine Millionen Dixieland 2 196 Trb.Section JazzTrumpet Muted Trump Sweet Clari
Ich tanze mit Dir in den Himmel hinein BBand Waltz 094 Strings Sax Section BreathTenor SoloTrumpet
If my friends could see me now RockShffle1 213 Venus EP Whistle SoloTrumpet MusicBox
In a mellow tone Gypsy Swing 102 Sax Section Sweet Flute Jazz Vibes Sweet Trump
In der Nacht ist der Mensch nicht gern alleine BBandSwing2 118 Vox Humana Wave 2001 Hah Choir Sweet Tenor
In einer Nacht im Mai C.Swing1 150 Vintage Trem Clavi EthnicFlute Pick Bass
In The Street where you live Foxtrot 4 181 Strings Blues Harp Trombone Cyber Pad
Ist Dein kleines Herz noch für mich frei Swing 1 152 BreathTenor Sweet Trump Grand Piano Growl Sax
It Don't mean a thing BigBandJazz 120 Tenor Sax BrasSection Sax Section Sweet Trump
It Had To Be You Foxtrot 4 158 Hah Choir BrasSection Trombone Tenor Sax
It's impossible (Somos Novios) 6/8 Blues 2 100 Vox Humana Sax Section Grand Piano Small Accrd
It's only a papermoon Foxtrot 1 178 Air Choir Sax Section Elec. Organ Sweet Trump
Jipsy Band Dixieland 1 110 BrightPiano Sweet Trump Sweet Clari Trombone
Just A Gigolo BBandSwing2 158 Comp. Organ Sweet Alto DrawOrg2 Tenor Sax
Kute Foxtrot 1 108 Sax Section Sweet Trump Trombone Sweet Tenor
La Mer Slow Ballad 088 Small Accrd Strings Sweet Trump Musette
La Playa SwingBallad 091 Hah Choir Choir Sweet Tenor Tiny Lead
La Vie En Rose 6/8 Ballad 084 Hah Choir Sax Section Solo Tromb Musette
Laura SwingBallad 092 Hah Choir Hah Choir EthnicFlute Trombone
Lazy River C.Swing 2 130 Strings Trombone Grand Piano Jazz Guitar
Linger a while Foxtrot 3 184 Strings Trombone Grand Piano Sweet Tenor
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing Beguine 1 120 Sax Section Tenor Sax Accordion Trombone
Love Letters In The Sand 6/8 Ballad 090 12StrGuitar Choir Rotor Organ Soprano Sax
Love Me Tender PianoBallad 104 Strings Folk Guitar Solo Violin Cello
Lover Man BluesShffle 076 Hah Choir Strings Sweet Tenor Sweet Clari
Luck be a lady Modern 6/8 083 Strings Sweet Tenor Pan Flute SoftTrumpet
Lullaby of Birdland Cool Jazz 139 Sax Section Sweet Tenor Jazz Vibes Sweet Trump
Mack the knife Ragtime 106 BrightPiano Trumpet Ens Sweet Tenor BrightPiano
Makin Whoopie Swing 2 152 Vox Humana Trb.Section Aco. Bass Clavi
Manhattan BBandSwing3 100 Hah Choir Alto Sax Grand Piano Sweet Clari
Mean To Me Swing 1 158 Sweet Alto Grand Piano Jazz Vibes Sweet Trump
Meditation More Bossa 158 Strings Trb.Section SoloTrumpet Jazz Guitar
Melodie Foxtrot 4 192 Vox Humana Sax Section Trombone Wah Clavi
Misty Love Song 070 Vox Humana Sweet Trump Strings Grand Piano
Moon River BBand Waltz 094 Strings SoftTrumpet Tenor Sax Grand Piano
Moondance Swing 1 152 Vibraphone Fargo Funk EP Vibraphone
Moonglow Foxtrot 3 158 Strings Trb.Section Jazz Vibes Sweet Clari
Moonlight Serenade BBandSwing3 100 Hah Choir Alto Sax Grand Piano Sweet Clari
Moulin Rouge Engl.Waltz2 090 Musette Musette Growl Sax SoloTrumpet
Mr. Bojangles Cntry Waltz 140 Funk EP BreathTenor EthnicFlute Clavi
Mr. Sandman BBQuickstep 200 Vocal Ensbl Grand Piano Vibraphone Sweet Tenor
My Heart Belongs To Daddy Foxtrot 4 192 Strings Folk Guitar Fiddle Sweet Tenor
My Old Flame CntryBallad 085 Funk EP SoloTrumpet 60‘s Organ Sweet Tenor
My Way Love Song 077 Funk EP Flute Strings Sweet Tenor
Nachtigall sing Swing 2 152 RotaryDrive Trb.Section Tenor Sax Sweet Trump
Nehmt Abschied Brüder SwingBallad 082 Strings Flute Solo Violin Sweet Trump
Night and Day Swing 1 139 Choir BrasSection Sweet Trump Sax Section
No More Blues BBandSwing3 113 Strings Strings Folk Guitar Sweet Trump
O Barquinho BossaNova 2 145 New Tines Trb.Section Piccolo Jazz Guitar
Ol man river SwingBallad 082 Strings BreathyAlto Accordion Trombone
Ole Guapa TangoArgent 132 Tutti Accrd Tenor Sax Clarinet Tango Accrd
On A Clear Day Foxtrot 3 147 Strings Grand Piano Vintage EP Tenor Sax
On a slow boat to china Modern 6/8 101 Vox Humana Dance Organ Strings Jazz Guitar
On my road Techno 2 134 ResoStr Fargo Dark Moon BreathTenor
On my track Swing 2 152 Jazz Organ2 Trb.Section Modern Harp Sweet Trump
On The Sunny Side Of The Street BBandSwing1 152 Sax Section BrightPiano Solo Tromb SoloTrumpet
One note samba Quickstep 110 Strings OrchStrings SoloTrumpet Spanish Gtr
Only You 6/8 Blues 2 068 Strings Strings Spanish Gtr MelClarinet
Opus One BigBandJazz 120 Sax Section Sax Section SoloTrumpet Sweet Clari
Our Love Is Here To Stay SwingBallad 082 Vox Humana Sweet Clari Sweet Tenor Sweet Trump
Over The Rainbow Slow Ballad 071 12StrGuitar Strings Small Accrd Sweet Trump
Perdido Swing 2 152 Vox Humana Trumpet Ens Folk Guitar Accordion
Pferdehalfter C.Shuffle2 122 Strings Sweet Tenor Sweet Trump Blues Harp
Prelude To A Kiss Slow Rock 3 078 Fire Wire Vintage EP SoloTrumpet Wire Lead
Raindrops Keeps Falling On My Head 6/8 Blues 1 094 Voices Solo Tromb Bassoon Strings
Reality Slow Ballad 068 Vintage Trem Insomnia Small Accrd Sweet Clari
Red Sails In A Sunset Swing 2 152 Jazz Organ2 Trb.Section Bandoneon Sweet Trump
Rhumba Intention Pop Rhumba 160 Strings Spanish Gtr Sax Section Sweet Tenor
Rosen Foxtrot 2 158 Hyper Tines Tutti Accrd Sweet Clari Tenor Sax
Roter Mohn BluesShffle 120 Sweet Tenor Trb.Section Fiddle SoloTrumpet
Round Midnight Bluegrass 2 120 Sax Section Trumpet Ens Music Box Tiny Lead
S' Wonderful Foxtrot 4 192 Strings Folk Guitar Fiddle Sweet Tenor
Sabor A Mi SwingBallad 082 Hah Choir Sweet Tenor Funk EP Sweet Trump
Samba Do Aviao Pop Bossa 2 110 Folk Guitar Clarinet Folk Guitar Grand Piano
Satin Doll BluesShffle 137 Trb.Section Sax Section Voices Sweet Trump
Schwarze Augen Lazy Jive 184 Sax Section BrightPiano BreathyAlto UprightBass
Schwoof at after Afternoon Bluegrass 1 142 Strings Classic Gtr Blues Harp Sweet Tenor
Secret Love Foxtrot 3 192 Strings Sweet Trump Soft Tromb Grand Piano
Sentimental Journey BBandSwing3 104 Sax Section Sweet Tenor Small Accrd HonkyTonk
September In The Rain Bluegrass 1 141 Strings Spanish Gtr Grand Piano Sweet Clari
September Song BBandSwing2 130 Comp. Organ Sweet Alto DrawOrg2 Tenor Sax
Serenata Slow Ballad 068 Strings EthnicFlute Grand Piano Classic Gtr
Sherry Pink Espagnol 150 Sweet Tenor Trb.Section Fiddle SoloTrumpet
Singing In The Rain BluesBallad 108 Insomnia BreathTenor Sweet Flute Sweet Alto
Smoke gets in your Eyes SwingBallad 082 Strings Spanish Gtr EthnicFlute BreathTenor
So in Love Swing 2 156 Hah Choir Strings Sweet Tenor Jazz Organ2
So Nice Slowfox 108 Strings Trombone Jazz Guitar Grand Piano
Solitude Swing 2 152 Strings Trombone Piccolo Grand Piano
Solvejg's Song Custom 1 106 Strings Solo Violin SoloTrumpet Spanish Gtr
Some of these days Ragtime 106 Grand Piano BrightPiano Sweet Clari Solo Tromb
Somebody loves Me Foxtrot 3 192 Tenor Sax Grand Piano Trombone Sweet Tenor
Someone To Watch Over Me BBandSwing2 104 Strings Jazz Guitar Sweet Tenor SoloTrumpet
Something Stupid Foxtrot 3 104 Funk EP Tenor Sax Funk EP Hah Choir
Somewhere Slowfox 077 Musette Sweet Trump Sweet Clari Tutti Accrd
South Of The Border C.Shuffle1 148 Strings SolidGuitar Small Accrd Piccolo
Speak Low SwingBallad 101 Strings Stardust Piccolo Sweet Trump
Spiel mir eine kleine Melodie Foxtrot 3 192 Strings Sweet Trump Trombone Grand Piano
St. Louis Blues BBandSwing1 108 Strings Trombone Sweet Clari Sweet Trump
Stardust 6/8 Blues 1 094 Stargate Portatone Piccolo Solo Tromb
Stompin At The Savoy C.Swing 2 130 Strings Grand Piano Strings Sweet Trump
Stormy Weather BluesBallad 062 Mellow Draw Flute Soft Accrd SoloTrumpet
Stranger on shore BluesBallad 079 Choir Sweet Flute Grand Piano Sweet Tenor
Strangers in the night BBandSwing1 118 Vocal Ensbl Sax Section Sweet Trump GrndPnoK
Summertime SwingBallad 082 Strings Flute Grand Piano SoftTrumpet
Sweet Georgia Brown C.Shuffle2 154 RotaryDrive Rock Piano Jazz Organ2 Sweet Alto
Take the A train. Gypsy Swing 152 Choir Classic Gtr Soft Tromb Sweet Trump
Tea for two Swing 2 152 Comp. Organ Trb.Section Pan Flute JazzTrumpet
Tell me why SwingBallad 091 Trb.Section Trb.Section Sweet Tenor SoftTrumpet
Ten Sharp You CntryBallad 175 Funk EP Piccolo Strings Sweet Tenor
Tenderly Engl.Waltz2 090 Vocal Ensbl Grand Piano MelClarinet Strings
Tennessie waltz Cntry Waltz 113 Strings Solo Tromb SolidGuitar Modern Harp
That Ole Devil Called Love 6/8 Ballad 108 Grand Piano Sweet Flute Jazz Guitar Accordion
The Man I Love Slowfox 108 12StrGuitar Grand Piano Jazz Vibes Modern Harp
The Song Is You Swing 2 152 Comp. Organ BrightPiano Sweet Tenor SoloTrumpet
The Summer Wind Slowfox 108 Strings Sweet Tenor Golden Age Blues Harp
The Way You Look Tonight BluesShffle 130 Strings Sweet Trump 60‘s Organ Musette
Tie a yellow ribbon BluesShffle 110 Sax Section Fiddle 60‘s Organ BreathTenor
Tip Top Boogie Dixieland 2 196 Trb.Section JazzTrumpet Muted Trump Sweet Clari
Top Of The World C.Shuffle1 126 Strings Trb.Section Grand Piano Jazz Guitar
Traenen luegen nicht C.Swing 2 130 Vocal Ensbl Accordion Wah Guitar Whistle
True Love Engl.Waltz2 090 Voices Strings Soprano Sax Sweet Flute
Unchained Melody Love Song 078 Strings Analogon Air Choir Grand Piano
Unforgettable Slow Ballad 068 Strings Cello Sweet Tenor Sweet Trump
Waltz For Debby SwingWaltz2 108 Strings Strings Flute Pipe Organ
Wave Pop Bossa 2 110 Folk Guitar Clarinet Folk Guitar Grand Piano
Whispering Ragtime 106 Sweet Alto Grand Piano Jazz Vibes Sweet Trump
White Christmas Swing 2 152 Comp. Organ Trb.Section Glocken Sweet Trump
Witchcraft Foxtrot 3 132 Hah Choir Grand Piano Funk EP Jazz Organ2
Wonderful World SwingBallad 082 Sax Section TnrSax 2 Sweet Tenor JazzTrumpet
Xmas Song Love Song 060 Strings Folk Guitar Solo Violin EthnicFlute
Yardbird Suite BBandSwing3 104 Hah Choir Piccolo Vibraphone Grand Piano
You are my Sunshine Cool Night 104 Analogon Sweet Tenor Spanish Gtr SoftTrumpet
You'd be so nice to come home tonight Gypsy Swing 130 Harpsichord Sweet Tenor SoloTrumpet Grand Piano
You Do Something To Me Foxtrot 2 158 Hah Choir Sweet Tenor Sweet Trump Grand Piano
You Look Good To Me Swing 2 152 Hah Choir Piccolo Fiddle Grand Piano
You Made Me Love BluesShffle 130 Trb.Section Grand Piano Sweet Trump Sweet Tenor
Zing! Went The Sings Of My Heart Swing 2 152 Hah Choir Piccolo Fiddle Grand Piano