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PSR-8000: Replacing the system software and Yamaha's replacing policy

Friday, 29 October 2004

The PSR-8000 system software is programmed into 2 EPROM chips, which are placed on a printed circuit. This printed circuit can be located at the bottom of the PSR-8000, and can be accessed by removing the metal plate at the bottom of the PSR-8000. This is the same plate you need to remove when you want to add extra RAM. When this metal cover plate has been removed, you see the circuit right away. In order to access the software Eproms, the circuit needs to be removed from the motherboard. This can be done easily by just pulling the print from the motherboard. If you're lucky, the software Eproms have been placed in sockets. That way, you can easily remove them. If you're not so lucky (like me) the Eproms are stuck on the board.

In order to apply for new software, according to Yamaha you should at least indicate why you think that you need new software. Mostly, you want new software because of annoying bugs. Yamaha claims that these kind of replacements are done without costs for the customer. I don't know if this is still the case after warranty time. If your PSR-8000 has Eproms which are NOT in sockets, and you need new software, let a Yamaha service center replace the software, and ask the engineer to first put in sockets, and then put in the Eproms. That saves you a lot of time and carrying the next time you need new software !