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My Chord Denotation

With this table I have listed the chord-denotation used in my melody-files, because I think, something has to be explained. I learned this by my teacher of the guitar some years ago, but it is no standard notation, I know.

I have written down the chords of the note C only, but from this you will get the chords of other keys.

My Chord Denotation Yamaha Denotation Chord-Notes
C5- C(b5) C-E-Gb
C5+ Caug C-E-G#
C6 C6 C-E-G-A
C7 C7 C-E-G-Bb
C7+ CM7 C-E-G-B
C7+5- CM7b5 C-E-Gb-B
C7+5+ CM7aug C-E-G#-B
C75- C7b5 C-E-Gb-Bb
C75+ C7aug C-E-G#-Bb
C9 C7(9) C-E-G-Bb-D
Cdim Cdim7 C-Eb-Gb-A
Cm Cm C-Eb-G
Cm6 Cm6 C-Eb-G-A
Cm7 Cm7 C-Eb-G-Bb
Cm7+ CmM7 C-Eb-G-B