Purple Hearts hpmusic


The MIDI-files are recorded on PSR-8000 and tuned with Cakewalk Professional 8.0 on the PC afterwards to be played with the Tyros. All songs are XG, SMF0 and use XG- and panel voices of the Tyros. Automatic accompaniment of the PSR-8000 is used. The sound on other XG-synths and PSR keyboards slightly differs from the original. Do not play the files with others than XG-Synthesizers. Usual GM PC-soundboard will produce bad sound with the percussion at MIDI-channel 9.

The melody-files are small Cakewalk song-files of format "normal" (file-extension .wrk), compressed to .zip. There is one track only with chords added. The files are edited by myself only to get the simplified melody with its chords in order to practise the play with the keyboard. The files must be loaded in Cakewalk. Select the track and open the stuff-window. If you have problems to understand the chord-denotation, look here.

Again, Again
by Heiko Plate
Midi: again_again.mid
Agnus Dei 22
by Joh. Seb. Bach (Heiko Plate)
Midi: agnus_dei.mid
Melody: agnus_dei_22.pdf
Dreaming Bossa
by Heiko Plate
Midi: dreaming_bossa.mid
by Anton Dvorak
Melody: humoreske.zip
Little MIDI
by Heiko Plate
Midi: little_midi.mid
Melody : little_mi.zip
by Anton Rubinstein
Midi: melodie.mid
Melody : melodie.zip
On My Road
by Heiko Plate
Midi: on_my_road.mid
Melody : on_my_road.zip
Rhumba Intention
by Heiko Plate
Midi: rhumba_intention.mid
Melody : rhumba_int.zip
Schwoof At Afternoon
by Heiko Plate
Midi: schwoof_at_afternoon.mid
Melody : schwoof.zip
by Heiko Plate
Midi: serenata.mid
Melody : serenata.zip
Solvejg's Song
Per Gynt
Melody: solvejgs_song.zip
Song 382
by Heiko Plate
Midi: song_382.mid
Melody : song_382.zip
Waltz 1114
by Heiko Plate
Midi: waltz_1114.mid
Melody : waltz_1114.zip