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InsFileChecker is a program to check the consistence of labels of Instrument Definition Files used by the Sequencer Cakewalk/Sonar and PSRUTI.


Instrument Definition Files are used by Cakewalk, Sonar and my MIDI File utility PSRUTI to deliver the names of patches, drums, controllers, RPN and NRPN of synthesizers and keyboards instead of cryptic numbers. The files are textfiles with file extension ".ins". The structure of the files is easy to understand - look for example at "Articles" - "Cakewalk, Voices and Instrument Definitions". In the internet we find instrument definitions for a lot of devices. Most of these are created by users.

Looking into the files, we find labels [textlabel] to mark the beginning of description blocks and links like keyword=textlabel with the keywords "Patch","BasedOn", "Key", "Control", "RPN" and "NRPN". Each link must correspondent with an existing label and for each label should exist one ore more links. That is the most problem of instrument definition files because the user has to write down a lot of text lines. The sequencers are finicky: A blank at the end of a link line for example and the label can not be found.

You find a detailed description of the structure of the Instrument Definition Files at Articles -> Cakewalk, Voices and Instrument Definitions.

The aim of InsFileChecker is to find out

  • if each label is well-defined,
  • if each label is addressed by one or more links and
  • if each link addresses an existing label.


Unzip the downloaded file insfilechecker.zip and start the installation file InsFileChecker_Setup.exe.

Directions for use

Start InsFileChecker and load a Cakewalk Instrument Definition File. Push at "Check". You are asked specify a textfile for the protocol. Select a suited folder and a filename, for example test.txt. The protocol is displayed. Close the file and the program. The protocol file can be opened by double click afterwards.

Each error is displayed by two lines of text: The first is the related text line, started by the line number. The second line delivers the type of error.


InsFileChecker is freeware, but it is not allowed to publish the program without my permission to be downloaded from private or commercial websites. It is not allowed for firms, to put the software on disks or CD without my permission.


Download InsFileChecker


Version 1.0
Wednesday, 10 October 2007
Initial version