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Registration Editor PSRREG

The task of PSRREG is to manage registration archives of Yamaha keyboards. PSRREG works with PSR-740, PSR-2000, CVP-200 Series, PSR-8000, PSR-9000, 9000Pro and Tyros BACKUP-archives.


  • Displaying the properties of registrations on screen.
  • Generation of a htm- or txt-file with the protocol of all registrations of an archive, including title, style, bank-numbers, place-numbers, tempo and voices.
  • Generation of a set of reg-files with separated registrations for several archives. Protocolizing the registrations of reg-file-sets in alphabetic order.
  • Copying of registrations from a source-archive or reg-file-sets on a selected position of an existing or an empty destination archive.
  • Renaming archives, banks and registrations.
  • Creating new archives.


PSRREG is freeware, but it is not allowed to publish the program without my permission to be downloaded from private or commercial Websites. It is not allowed for firms, to put the software on disks or CD without my permission.



Manual (deutsch)

Manual (english)

Wie man Registrationen und Styles kopiert

How to make a copy of a Styledisk on Harddisk


Friday, 27 March 2015
Tyros: No more messages about different lengths of regs with Tyros regs.
Warning: With PSRREG saved regs of later Tyros models may loose important properties!
PSRREG(1.23) (PSR-2000)
Thursday, 09 February 2006
Longer names of banks and registrations possible
Friday, 18 March 2005
new program-icon
PSRREG(1.21) (Tyros)
Saturday, 30 October 2004
"Style-Path" in "Copy Group".
This new item is used, if the style-path of a registration changes and the style-settings of the original should be retained. Jaap Veneman has described the process in the english article "How to make a copy of a Styledisk on Harddisk". I have translated it for German users. Look at "Downloads" above.
PSRREG(1.20) (9000Pro)
Saturday, 30 October 2004
Bug with access of Custom Voices repaired.
Saturday, 30 October 2004
Bug, if the Voice Editor is not installed, repaired.
Few improvements.
Saturday, 30 October 2004
Revoicing of missed melody voices to voices of XG Bank 0 added. Few improvements.
Saturday, 30 October 2004
Some small bugs repaired
Saturday, 19 October 2002
  • A bug with voice "0/112/57 SoloTromb" repaired.
  • Only one message possible with overwriting existing banks
  • The length of bank-names 35, of reg-names 15 characters now.
  • With two long clicks on bank- or reg-name the rename-window will be opened.
  • Scrolling icons: < or > = line-scroll; region between < or > and position-marker = page-scroll.
  • A new organisation of icon-pictures. Patch of (1.14) and (1.15) not needed now. Some icons are displayed repeatedly now.